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Professional Services

Innovative, comprehensive support for produce & people

We believe that innovation starts with our customers. Through our collaborative partnerships, we have insight into our customers’ operations and a deep understanding of the many challenges they face. Pace’s team of leading postharvest scientists, engineers, and technicians is focused on bringing new ideas to life – innovation that delivers sustainable solutions to reduce food waste and help feed a growing population.

Providing outstanding service for our customers is the cornerstone of everything we do. Our team of knowledgeable professionals and industry experts is known for their care, reliability, quick response times, and frequent on-site visits.

Field Services

Our professional and dedicated Field Services Team works hard to maximize the efficiency of our customers’ packing operations. Customers receive a dedicated Pace team, available 24/7, that gets to know their line inside and out. This results in minimal downtime on the line should an issue arise. Our technicians have all had careers working in packing houses so they are very knowledgeable when it comes to packing fruit and running a packing line successfully. That experience combined with Pace’s portfolio of products allows them to enhance equipment and tailor solutions to achieve the goals and gains specific to the packing house. Pace’s technicians are here to collaborate with your team members and assist in the following areas:

  • Line Operation
  • Decay Management
  • Fruit Quality & Appearance
  • Fruit Conditioning

Innovative Equipment

Pace’s engineering group works side-by-side with our customers. We deliver tailored solutions, including application equipment and data analytics for maximum packing line efficiency. Our customers work with Pace’s engineers and equipment service teams to ensure seamless installations and regular maintenance schedules.

Charge & Maintain



Laboratory Services

Our lab professionals are comprised of physiologists, pathologists, and technicians that work closely with customers to provide knowledgeable recommendations. Our in-house lab allows us to provide quick, reliable, and accurate results so customers can make informed decisions.

Drench MRL Testing

Fruit Residue Analysis

Fungicide Resistance Management

Fruit Disorder Identification

Memberships and Affliations