We are not just an agrochemical company. Our unique value-added lab, technical, and equipment services provide outstanding care for our customers to maximize efficiencies in packing systems and storage facilities ensuring proper use of our innovative solutions.

Our commitment to our customer is unrivaled. With frequent visits, easy access to Service Team members and quick response time, our service professionals are not just service providers but have become an important part of our customers’ operations.

Laboratory Services

We understand the importance of accurate fruit and vegetable residue sampling.  Our in-house laboratory is accredited in accordance with the recognized International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2017 General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories.  It works efficiently to provide a 24-hour turnaround time for testing of fruit and vegetable residues, fruit and vegetable coatings, and fruit and vegetable cleaners, so our customers can adjust treatments effectively.



Technical Services

Our professional and dedicated Technical Service Team works hard to maximize the efficiency of packing operations to optimize the earning potential of fruit and vegetables before they reach the retail stores.

Our Technical Service Team can assist you with:

  • Fruit conditioning
  • Line operation
  • Decay control management
  • Fruit appearance evaluation
  • Product treatments and application
  • Fruit sanitation programs


Equipment Services

As a value-added-service, our outstanding Technical and Equipment Service Teams are committed to providing the best care for our customers. Our goal is to maximize efficiencies of packing systems and operations while ensuring the proper use of our technologies.

The Equipment Service Team assists our customers with:

  • Equipment installation
  • Accurate mixing and product application
  • Regular maintenance and calibration of Pace’s equipment and systems
  • Tailored solutions for the packing line

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