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About Us

Thinking forward and delivering value is what best describes the spirit of Pace International.

Who We Are

Pace International is a global leader in sustainable postharvest solutions for the fresh produce industry. In collaboration with growers, packers, and agricultural organizations, Pace develops innovative technologies that enhance, protect, and preserve fruit and vegetable quality, while reducing food waste and protecting the environment.

Through its extensive network of offices and distribution partners around the world, Pace develops and provides a comprehensive offering of organic and conventional products for use in storage and the packing line, that are designed to maintain freshness and flavor and extend shelf life of pome fruits, citrus, cherries, stone fruits, pomegranates, kiwifruits, tropical fruits, and vegetables. Pace is committed to delivering superior service and results through innovative products, leading application technologies, and unparalleled customer support, 24/7.

Innovative, Partnerships, Service

Pace’s innovative and collaborative culture results in a team that is driven to find and develop the most sustainable food protection technologies that ensure fruit quality, extend shelf life, improve food safety, and reduce food waste and environmental impact. With a long history of partnering with technology companies, research and academic institutions, and customers, Pace is always finding new and better ways to protect the food supply, improve storage and packing efficiencies, and help meet the increasing demand for fresh produce. Through its own technology centers in North and South America, as well as access to Valent and Sumitomo Chemical’s extensive global network of R&D centers and partners, Pace is at the forefront of researching and discovering the next generation of biorational decay control products, edible coatings, postharvest precision technologies, and ripening management solutions.


Grand opening of ecoFOG® Technology Center for global research on storage decay control


Launches first globally-compliant, edible coating Primafresh® 660 GC for pome fruits


Launches new high-gloss, edible coating Primafresh® 360 HS for pome fruits


Launches BioSpectra®, the first biorational decay control product for citrus and stone fruits


Launches FYSIUM®* (1-MCP) in the US and Uruguay markets
*FYSIUM® is a registered trademark of Janssen PMP


Pace becomes fully-owneded subsidiary of Valent BioSciences LLC, a Sumitomo Chemical company


Acquires CH2O’s postharvest packinghouse agricultural products


Launches ecoFOG® storage decay control technology in the US


Expands portfolio of postharvest protection solutions


Acquires SC Johnson’s ‘fruit coatings’ division and EcoScience business


Pace focuses on agricultural crop protection products


Pace International is formed

Culture of Safety, Compliance and Corporate Responsibility

The safety and well-being of our employees, customers, and the communities where we live and work are our first priority. We are committed to the highest safety and compliance standards in our industry, adhering to all local and government laws and regulations where we conduct business. We are also highly committed to improving the lives in the communities we work, by offering a wide range of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and employee-volunteering initiatives throughout the year.

As a subsidiary of Sumitomo Chemical Company, Pace is committed to pursuing the Sustainable Development Goals, as outlined by the United Nations. As we work to serve our customers, we have a direct impact on providing healthy food and supporting good health, reducing water usage, and supporting our local communities through charity initiatives.

More About Pace International

Headquartered in Wapato, Washington, Pace International, LLC is a subsidiary of biorational crop protection company, Valent BioSciences LLC, a Sumitomo Chemical Company. Through a strong global network, Pace collaborates with companies, customers and agricultural research organizations to develop innovative solutions to enhance, protect, and preserve fruit and vegetable quality and freshness. Pace is the leading provider of sustainable postharvest solutions and technologies, equipment and technical services that maximize efficiencies in packing operations, reduce food waste, and protect the environment.

About Valent BioSciences

Pace International, LLC is a subsidiary of Valent Biosciences LLC. Valent BioSciences, headquartered in Libertyville, Illinois, is a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Sumitomo Chemical Company and is the worldwide leader in the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of biorational products with sales in 95 countries around the world. Biorationals are a broad range of substances typically derived from natural or biological origins. Biorationals include biological pesticides, as well as products used for crop stress management, enhanced plant physiology benefits, and root growth. For additional information, visit the company’s website:

About Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Sumitomo Chemical is one of Japan’s leading chemical companies, offering a diverse range of products globally in the fields of petrochemicals, energy and functional materials, IT-related chemicals and materials, health and crop science products, and pharmaceuticals. For additional information, visit the company’s website at

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