Leaders in Postharvest Education

Every year, world-renowned industry leaders and university researchers are invited to present their latest research in the postharvest segment for the apple, pear, citrus, and cherry industries. All sides of the industry are represented and together we take a 360° view of some of the most pressing challenges, industry issues, as well as new innovative opportunities.

The Postharvest Academy is a half-day conference hosted twice a year by Pace International for its customers. The Academy in both North and South America is organized before the local harvest season.

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Event History

In 2011, Pace was the first company to organize a small meeting with customers and industry leaders to specifically discuss issues around postharvest products and management practices. The first meeting was small but successful, and customers wanted to meet again the following year. Soon interest grew in Pace’s postharvest meeting with more attendees and more prominent speakers wishing to participate.

The Postharvest Academy continues to grow in popularity and is now the go-to-meeting to discuss postharvest management. Today, Pace’s Postharvest Academy is the largest standalone meeting of its kind in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. In 2017, Pace launched its first Postharvest Academy in Chile for South American customers. Pace will be taking the Postharvest Academy into new regions around the world to bring the benefits of this collaborative process to our customers in Europe and Asia.

Chile PHA Event

Visit Chile Postharvest Event Website: www.academiapostcosecha.cl

Future Dates

October 2020
California, USA

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May 2021 – Washington State, USA


October 2021 – Santiago, Chile


October 2021 – California, USA

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