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Postharvest Solutions for All Your Crops

Pace International’s sustainable solutions ensures packers deliver the freshest, highest quality produce to customers and markets around the world. From harvest time to display on store shelves, our line of products and services protects fruits and vegetables to achieve the finest of freshness for consumers.

The foundation of a successful food safety program

Pace offers a wide range of cleaners and sanitizers, including organic cleaning products for the monitoring and effective control of wash systems and line spray applications. Cleaning and sanitizing are essential to controlling spoilage and decay organisms in process waters and for the removal of naturally occurring fruit wax and inorganic deposits on fruit.

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Managing decay in fruits and vegetables

Fruit and vegetable decay are one of the biggest operational challenges packers face worldwide. Pace has a sound strategy to fight the undesired effects of decay, which ultimately leads to food waste and economic losses along the supply chain. Our fungicide resistance programs help minimize risk of decay and control a broad-spectrum of major postharvest diseases.

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Maintaining the freshness of produce

Protecting assets with Pace’s natural fruit, “edible” coatings is the last line of defense in assuring fresh fruit will survive its journey to the marketplace. Pace’s portfolio of high-quality coatings reduces food waste and economic losses that occur throughout the supply chain. Our line-up of superior edible coatings prevents the dehydration of fruits and vegetables while extending their freshness, eye appeal, and shelf life.

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Creating a Circle of Storage Protection with ecoFOG®

Pace offers one of the best quality management programs available today for fresh fruit packing operations. Our freshness protection program includes ecoFOG® for controlling decay to maintain the long-lasting quality and freshness of fruit that consumers want and expect.

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Organic line of products for organic production

Pace International offers a wide variety of organic products to protect and maintain the natural freshness, and quality of fruit. Above all, our organic products provide sustainable solutions for our customers who are driven to supply the highest quality crops while maximizing profit. We are committed to delivering solutions that meet the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) and the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) National Organic Standards.

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Certified Kosher products for fruits and vegetables

Pace offers a wide range of coatings and cleaners for a variety of commodities that are Certified Kosher.

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Other products that help save produce

Pace has a wide variety of sustainable postharvest products for maintaining the freshness and extending the shelf-life of your fruit and vegetables. From sprout inhibitors, buffers, food grade additives, and emulsifiers to aid agents, Pace’s specialty products enhance the quality and reduce food waste from harvest to consumer.

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