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PacRite® Propi 155 EC

Description PacRite® Propi 155 EC is a propiconazole-based fungicide that provides broad-spectrum decay control against several major fungal postharvest diseases on

PacRite® FDL

Efficacy of Fludioxonil to Control Decay on Different Fruit Varieties

PacRite® AZOXY 250SC

Description PacRite AZOXY 250 SC is an Azoxystrobin fungicide that complements PacRite FDL for broad-spectrum decay control. Benefits Flexible mixing partner that allows

Natural Shine® 980

Description Premium vegan carnauba citrus coating Benefits High gloss edible coating Great weight loss control Extends shelf life of fruit Principle Use Natural Shine®


Description Acid cleaner for multicrop uses Benefits Cleans and prepares fruit surfaces before edible coating application Principal Use Acidex removes hard-water deposits as well

BioSpectra® 100SC

Description Organic biofungicide for Broad Spectrum Decay Control Benefits Organic and broad-spectrum decay control agent against all major fungal postharvest diseases New


Description Fungicidal Cleaner for Citrus Fruit Benefits Fungicidal cleaner that effectivelly controls early growth stages of fungal infections in wounds Sanitizes brush beds during

PacRite® TBZ 4.0 SC

Description Thiabendazole fungicide for drench, dip and coating applications Benefits New liquid SC formulation Improved dispersion Improved suspension stability Principal Use PacRite® TBZ 4.0

Nature’s Shield® 440-BF

Description Organic Citrus Acid Buffer Benefits Buffers pH levels in wash water Principal Use Nature’s Shield® 440-BF is a citric acid solution for washing

Wax Strip Plus

Description High Performance Fruit Coating Remover for Packing line Equipment Benefits Removes excess fruit coating from brushes and packing line equipment Principal Use Wax


Description Foam Reducing Agent Benefits Decreases excessive foaming Principal Use Foam-Cide is used to decrease foaming in coating and drenching solutions.

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