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PacRite® Sodium Hydroxide 30% Liquid

Description pH Adjuster Benefits Adjusts pH levels in process water Principal Use PacRite® Sodium Hydroxide 30% is used to adjust the pH levels in

PacRite® Citric Acid 50%

Description A 50% concentrated citric acid solution Benefits Buffers pH levels in wash water Principal Use PacRite Citric Acid 50% is a citric acid

PacRite® 534 Wetting Agent

Description Wetting Agent Benefits Appreciably lowers the interfacial tension between a liquid and a solid Increases the tendency of a liquid to make complete

PacRite® pH Increaser

Description Sodium Free Alkaline pH Increaser Benefits Increases pH levels in process water. Principal Use PacRite® pH Increaser is used to balance the pH

SOPP Soap (CA only)

Description Fungicidal Cleaner for Citrus Fruit Benefits Fungicidal cleaner that effectivelly controls early growth stages of fungal infections in wounds Sanitizes brush

PacRite® FDL 230SC

Description Broad-spectrum fludioxonil fungicide for decay control on various fruit varieties. Benefits Protects fruit quality and reduces shrink through the supply chain Excellent tool

PacRite® Penbotec™ 400 SC

Description Effective Fungicide for Postharvest Decay Control of Citrus Fruits Benefits Prevents growth of TBZ & IMZ resistant strains that cause penicillium mold. PacRite®

PacRite® Fungaflor® 500 EC

Description An emulsified concentrate (EC) formulation of Imazalil for decay control in citrus fruits. Benefits Controls green mold, blue mold, phomopsis stem

PacRite® Fungaflor® 75 WSG

Description A water soluble granule (WSG) Imazalil fungicide for citrus fruit. Benefits Controls green mold, blue mold, phomopsis stem end rot, diplodia rot,

Lustre Dry

Description High Gloss, quick-drying shellac-based citrus coating Benefits High shine Quick drying Principal Use Lustre Dry is a high shine, quick drying pack wax

Natural Shine® 320-OR

Description Organic shellac-based, edible coating for various crops Benefits Organic edible coating Effective dehydration control Extends shelf life Principal Use Natural Shine 320-OR is

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