PacRite® AZOXY 250SC

Azoxystrobin fungicide that is a complement to PacRite® FDL

Managing decay in fruits and vegetables


The Power of a Flexible Mix.  PacRite® AZOXY 250SC is an Azoxystrobin fungicide that is a complement to PacRite® FDL for broad-spectrum decay control


  • Flexible mixing allows for a tailored application and optimal results
  • Effective control of decay pathogens
  • Increases crop profitability, even to export markets
  • Broad-spectrum disease control agent
  • Globally approved MRLs

Principal Use

The combination of PacRite AZOXY 250SC and PacRite FDL is used on citrus fruits to control a broad-spectrum of decay control and strong "kick-back" activity. This flexible mix protects citrus fruits during storage and shipment, reducing losses associated to poor product quality by enhancing protection against fruit decay and minimizing potential disease resistance development.

PacRite® AZOXY 250SC

  • Labels SPA ENG
  • Organic Certificate NA
  • Kosher Certificate NA

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