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PacRite® Product Overview

Liquid Decay Control

Broad Portfolio of Solutions

Protect your fruit in storage and in transit with the PacRite decay control portfolio of solutions. Because thorough coverage of the fruit surface is critical to achieve optimal performance and results, PacRite can be applied through the application system that best fits your program.

What Crops is PacRite used on?



Stone Fruit

Sweet Potatoes


Line Of PacRite Products

Broad spectrum fludioxonil fungicide protection. PacRite FDL is used on fruits and vegetables to control a variety of diseases.

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Broad spectrum liquid fludioxonil fungicide protection. PacRite FDL 230SC is used on fruits and vegetables to control a variety of diseases.

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A new era in decay control. Broad spectrum pyrimethanil fungicide protection during storage and in transit. Due to its mode of action, PacRite Penbotec 400SC offers superior preventive and curative decay control activity and is an excellent tool for packers in resistance management programs.

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A proven thiabendazole fungicide formulation for decay control in citrus fruit for drench and dip treatments.

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An emulsifier concentrate (EC) of Imazalil fungicide decay control in citrus fruit.

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The Power of a Flexible Mix. PacRite® AZOXY 250SC is an Azoxystrobin fungicide that is a complement to PacRite® FDL for broad-spectrum decay control and kick back activity.

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Pace supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which were developed to achieve a better more sustainable future for all. Through innovation and advanced technologies, we offer our customers a portfolio of sustainable solutions that reduce food waste, promote water conservation, and ensure a safe work environment.

Our liquid decay control products has helped packers maintain the freshness of produce longer, reduce food waste, and extend fruit shelf life from the packinghouse to the consumer, naturally. In the past two years alone, Pace’s PacRite and Shield-Brite technology has helped reduce 350,000 tons of produce losses each year.

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