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Pace InSite™ Offers NEW Features – Enter and Customize Data

Pace InSite has been helping customers make informed decisions about day-to-day operations as a desktop application. With the launch of the NEW! Pace InSite app, customers now can enter, customize, and track their own data based on their own packinghouse’s needs and operations. The Pace InSite experience is designed to draw your attention to critical details in your operation – from alerting you when something is out of range to analyzing trends and tracking yields, product usage, and everything in between.

Greater Visibility
Accessible 24/7, the Pace InSite app is a versatile workhorse that allows you to track variety, lot, orchard location, harvest pick dates, pressure, sugar, color break, average size and more depending on your needs and goals. Once the data is recorded and uploaded from the field or packing shed, it is easily accessible via, where you can view and graph trends and see a larger, more representative set of data depicting the day-to-day operations of your facility.

Easy Access to Data
The Pace InSite app allows you to enter the data that is relevant to your facilities during the time frame you want. Easy-access, paperless records allow you to analyze and compare month-over-month reports and identify and react to trends much quicker.

Consolidate Data – Increase Efficiency
Often a packing houses has critical information in different departments. The Pace InSite app can help organize QC data, food safety data, and other data points that help you track the story of the fruit such as harvest and postharvest treatment data. The app allows you to track and capture the information that is most critical, all in one place.

Food Safety Compliance
Pace InSite app allows the ability to customize the reporting system to fit the specific needs or your packing house. In addition to capturing the basic information for food safety, there is the ability to track variety, lot information, orchard location, harvest pick dates, pressure, sugar, color break, average size, as well as capture and upload photos to support critical operations’ decisions.

The team at Pace is invested in advancing the technology and science of sustainable waste-reduction solutions. Our work is never complete. Please stay tuned for more news in the coming months!

To learn more about the Pace InSite app, please contact your Pace Representative or contact us here.

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