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Introducing Pace InSite™

Innovation is a word commonly used across the produce supply chain to signify cutting-edge advances in technology, products and services. It can mean different things in different business sectors and job functions, but for postharvest technology, innovation represents a solution that streamlines day to day business tasks or eases the function of conducting business, particularly in the packing house. In short, when Pace innovates, we empower customers.

This is why we recently developed the Pace InSite™; digital platform to maximize our customer’s packing line efficiencies. The platform is a cloud-based data management system that allows customers to access their Pace digital service reports and data to analyze trends and make informed decisions about day-to-day packing line operations.

Through Pace InSite, customers can access information generated by our field services team, including equipment maintenance and calibration records, product dosing adjustments and set points, and sensor-generated data for each line and location. The technology will help facilitate compliance programs, optimize processes, reduce losses and maximize efficiencies along customers’ operations.

Features also include:

  • the ability to chart and analyze historical data;
  • the ability to compare data across locations; and,
  • the ability to monitor process deviations through color-coded alerts.

Taking this innovative technology one step further, Pace InSite now allows customers the option to input their own quality control and control points data into their existing Pace InSite account. With more data points in the system, and the technology in the palm of their hands, our customers are able to make adjustments along the packing line in real time, avoiding costly delays and disruptions.

Our world class customer service is now supported with the data you need at the ready as you navigate regular audits and monitor equipment. The data generated through Pace InSite can be sorted by date and takes paper out of the equation, streamlining access to critical reporting.

At Pace, we are continually strengthening our commitment to better serving our customers, supporting sustainability, and advancing innovative technologies in the postharvest segment. The Pace InSite digital platform is designed to put critical packing line process data in the hands of our customers, anytime and anywhere, to help them optimize their operation’s efficiencies and facilitate their quality control and food safety programs, including auditing requirements.

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