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PrimaFresh® 60 OR

Description Organic plant-based coating for stone fruit and vegetables. Benefits Reduces fruit shrinkage due to moisture loss during cold storage and distribution

PacRite® FDL

Efficacy of Fludioxonil to Control Decay on Different Fruit Varieties

Nature’s Shield® 440-BF

Description Organic Citrus Acid Buffer Benefits Buffers pH levels in wash water Principal Use Nature’s Shield® 440-BF is a citric acid solution for washing

PacRite® FDL 230SC

Description Broad-spectrum fludioxonil fungicide for decay control on various fruit varieties. Benefits Protects fruit quality and reduces shrink through the supply chain Excellent tool

PacRite® Durafresh

Description Protective edible coating for Fruits and Vegetables Benefits Prolongs shelf life Minimizes skin wrinkling Enhances appearance Requires no drying Lubricates fruit through packing line Principal Use PacRite® Durafresh

PrimaFresh® 55 EU

Description Amine-free, vegetable oil coating for export markets Benefits Effective shrinkage control during cold storage and distribution

PrimaFresh® 220

Description Protective Emulsion Coating for Stone Fruit Benefits Reduces fruit shrinkage due to moisture loss during cold storage and distribution Enhances fruit

Natural Shine® SP

Description Carnauba-based edible coating for Sweet Potatoes Benefits Significantly reduces shrinkage due to moisture loss during distribution Can be mixed with postharvest

Shield-Brite® PAA 15.0

Description Highly Concentrated Sanitizer for Fruit and Vegetable Packing Lines Benefits Highly concentrated activated peroxygen chemistry for large water volume applications Alternative

Shield-Brite® PAA 5.6

Description Effective Sanitizer and Disinfectant for Fruit and Vegetable Packing Lines Benefits Control of spoilage and decay causing organisms in process waters

Pac-Chlor 12.5%

Description Multipurpose sanitizer Benefits Effectively sanitizes hard inanimate surfaces such as floors, walls, woodwork, and equipment Sanitizes non-porous surfaces such as dishes,

Accu-Tab® SI

Description Automated chlorinating system for wash water systems Benefits Automated system that delivers a consistent chlorine rate Provides residual protection to fight

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