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PacRite® Propi 155 EC

Description PacRite® Propi 155 EC is a propiconazole-based fungicide that provides broad-spectrum decay control against several major fungal postharvest diseases on

PrimaFresh® 60 OR

Description Organic plant-based coating for stone fruit and vegetables. Benefits Reduces fruit shrinkage due to moisture loss during cold storage and distribution

PacRite® FDL

Efficacy of Fludioxonil to Control Decay on Different Fruit Varieties

BioSpectra® 100SC

Description Organic biofungicide for Broad Spectrum Decay Control Benefits Organic and broad-spectrum decay control agent against all major fungal postharvest diseases New

Nature’s Shield® 440-BF

Description Organic Citrus Acid Buffer Benefits Buffers pH levels in wash water Principal Use Nature’s Shield® 440-BF is a citric acid solution for washing


Description Foam Reducing Agent Benefits Decreases excessive foaming Principal Use Foam-Cide is used to decrease foaming in coating and drenching solutions.

Drench Phos

Description A 24% phosphoric acid solution Benefits pH Acidifier/Buffer Maximizes chlorine efficacy by maintaining a neutral pH Principal Use Drench-Phos is a 24% phosphoric

PacRite® Citric Acid 50%

Description A 50% concentrated citric acid solution Benefits Buffers pH levels in wash water Principal Use PacRite Citric Acid 50% is a citric acid

PacRite® FDL 230SC

Description Broad-spectrum fludioxonil fungicide for decay control on various fruit varieties. Benefits Protects fruit quality and reduces shrink through the supply chain Excellent tool

Shield-Brite® FDL 230SC

Description Postharvest Fludioxonil Fungicide for apples, pears, cherries and stone fruit Benefits Broad spectrum of activity Multi-crop Usage Globally Approved MRLs Principal Use Shield-Brite®

PacRite® Penbotec™ 400 SC

Description Effective Fungicide for Postharvest Decay Control of Citrus Fruits Benefits Prevents growth of TBZ & IMZ resistant strains that cause penicillium mold. PacRite®

PacRite® Durafresh

Description Protective edible coating for Fruits and Vegetables Benefits Prolongs shelf life Minimizes skin wrinkling Enhances appearance Requires no drying Lubricates fruit through packing line Principal Use PacRite® Durafresh

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