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PacRite® FDL

Efficacy of Fludioxonil to Control Decay on Different Fruit Varieties

BioSpectra® 100SC

Description Organic biofungicide for Broad Spectrum Decay Control Benefits Organic and broad-spectrum decay control agent against all major fungal postharvest diseases New

Nature’s Shield® 440-BF

Description Organic Citrus Acid Buffer Benefits Buffers pH levels in wash water Principal Use Nature’s Shield® 440-BF is a citric acid solution for washing


Description Water-Soluble Calcium Benefits Effective against postharvest development of bitter pit Reduces splitting susceptibility Improves fruit firmness and maintains pedicel quality longer Compatible with DPA Conveniently applied


Description Foam Reducing Agent Benefits Decreases excessive foaming Principal Use Foam-Cide is used to decrease foaming in coating and drenching solutions.

Drench Phos

Description A 24% phosphoric acid solution Benefits pH Acidifier/Buffer Maximizes chlorine efficacy by maintaining a neutral pH Principal Use Drench-Phos is a 24% phosphoric

PacRite® Citric Acid 50%

Description A 50% concentrated citric acid solution Benefits Buffers pH levels in wash water Principal Use PacRite Citric Acid 50% is a citric acid

PacRite® pH Increaser

Description Sodium Free Alkaline pH Increaser Benefits Increases pH levels in process water. Principal Use PacRite® pH Increaser is used to balance the pH

PacRite® FDL 230SC

Description Broad-spectrum fludioxonil fungicide for decay control on various fruit varieties. Benefits Protects fruit quality and reduces shrink through the supply chain Excellent tool

Shield-Brite® FDL 230SC

Description Postharvest Fludioxonil Fungicide for apples, pears, cherries and stone fruit Benefits Broad spectrum of activity Multi-crop Usage Globally Approved MRLs Principal Use Shield-Brite®


Description Sucrose Ester Based Coating for Cherry Fruit Freshness Benefits Semperfresh™ inhibits water loss while allowing gas exchange between the fruit and

Shield-Brite® PAA 15.0

Description Highly Concentrated Sanitizer for Fruit and Vegetable Packing Lines Benefits Highly concentrated activated peroxygen chemistry for large water volume applications Alternative

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