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Sucrose Ester Based Coating for Cherry Fruit Freshness

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Sucrose Ester Based Coating for Cherry Fruit Freshness


  • Semperfresh™ inhibits water loss while allowing gas exchange between the fruit and its environment.
  • Reduces weight loss and excess respiration, resulting in firmer cherries with less pitting.
  • Cherry stems stay greener longer, due to greater moisture retention.
  • Gives sheen to cherries without leaving an oily or greasy film on the fruit.
  • Widely used in the fresh pear industry to reduce bruising, weight loss, preserve green color, and fruit pressure in storage, without delaying normal ripening processes for consumers.

Principal Use

Semperfresh™ is a sucrose ester based coating used on cherries and pears to control weight loss and excess respiration, retain moisture, and preserve natural color of fruit.

Crop Usage


  • Labels SPA ENG
  • Organic Certificate NA
  • Kosher Certificate NA

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