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Organic Coating for Pome Fruits | Pace International

Organic Coatings: Protecting Organic Pome Fruit

Organic produce sales are projected to continue to grow, with 5.5 percent growth year-over-year in 2020 and 2021, according to Category Partners. Adopting organic coatings to meet retail customer and consumer standards alike will ensure your product experiences growth in sales and consumer satisfaction.

Pome fruit contains more than 85 percent water. After harvest, the fruit begins to steadily lose moisture through respiration and transpiration. To protect their longevity and marketability, many pome growers and packers choose to add a protective coating. These coatings are not limited to conventionally grown fruit, but much work has been done to advance organic coating options.

Once the fruit is harvested, it is washed and brushed before being packed for distribution. This cleaning process, although necessary, removes the fruit’s natural protective coating. To protect the fruit, we work with packers to apply a food-grade coating, replacing the removed natural barrier, that will ensure freshness longer for the fruit product. Pace International offers several organic coating products including, Natural Shine® 320-OR and Natural Shine® 505-OR.

In addition, organic coatings can provide consumers with a dull or high shine depending on retailer preference and a smooth finish and appealing texture, making the product even more marketable.

Why do organic coatings matter?

Organic produce sales reached an all-time high of $9B in 2021 according to Category Partners. There are many different reasons that consumers choose to buy organic, ranging from personal health matters to global impact reasons such as ecosystem or water preservation. Ensuring the continuity of organic certification for products extends to the organic coatings we offer to our customers.

Why does fruit aesthetic matter?

Consumers shop with their senses. The aesthetic appeal of fruit in the grocery store and in retail establishments is critical to the success of the purchase. From the visual appeal of pome fruit, shiny, unblemished, and vibrant; to the touch of the fruit, firm and natural; and ultimately to the taste of the fruit, the consumer should have a positive experience throughout the path to purchase and repeat purchase. Organic coatings are one tool used to deliver the most optimal aesthetic and tactile experience for consumers.

Why does marketability matter?

Marketability, in short, refers to the ability to sell the fruit. Consumers shop with their senses, so addressing the aesthetic of fruit is key to marketability, but even more important is the at-home experience the consumer has with the product. Organic coatings maintain the freshness of pome fruit to extend the shelf life in-store and at home.

For more information about Pace’s organic coatings, contact your Pace Representative.

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