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Description Fludioxonil Fungicide for Postharvest Kiwi fruit Treatment by Thermofogging Application Benefits Effective and broad-spectrum activity Does not require the use of water such

Natural Shine® TFC 210

Description Carnauba-based for Tropical Fruits for domestic and export markets Benefits High shine edible coating for tropical fruits Excellent dehydration control High

Natural Shine® 505-OR

Description Organic carnauba-based, edible coating for various crops Benefits Organic edible coating Effective dehydration control Extends shelf life Principal Use Natural Shine 505-OR is

Shield-Brite® PAA 15.0

Description Highly Concentrated Sanitizer for Fruit and Vegetable Packing Lines Benefits Highly concentrated activated peroxygen chemistry for large water volume applications Alternative

Shield-Brite® PAA 5.6

Description Effective Sanitizer and Disinfectant for Fruit and Vegetable Packing Lines Benefits Control of spoilage and decay causing organisms in process waters

Pac-Chlor 12.5%

Description Multipurpose sanitizer Benefits Effectively sanitizes hard inanimate surfaces such as floors, walls, woodwork, and equipment Sanitizes non-porous surfaces such as dishes,

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