Shield-Brite® Penbotec™ 400 SC

Effective Pyrimethanil Fungicide for Postharvest Decay Control of Pome Fruit

Managing decay in fruits and vegetables


Effective Fungicide for Postharvest Decay Control of Pome Fruit


  • Easy to use liquid “suspended concentrate” formula.
  • Strong preventative & curative effect (kick-back activity).
  • Acts on a different mode of action than TBZ, allowing control of TBZ resistant pathogens.
  • Stable pyrimethanil fruit residues during storage – remains to protect fruit during the packing process.
  • Safe – no phytotoxicity in commercial applications on apples and pears.

Principal Use

Shield-Brite® Penbotec™ is a pyrimethanil fungicide used to effectively control Blue mold, Gray mold, Bull’s Eye rot, and Phacidiopycnis rot.

Shield-Brite® Penbotec™ 400 SC

  • Labels SPA ENG
  • Organic Certificate NA
  • Kosher Certificate NA

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