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Natural Shine® Product Overview

Outshine the rest, naturally.

Edible Carnauba Coatings

Natural Shine is a complete line of edible, premium carnauba coatings to help maintain freshness along the supply chain. Whether fruit is packed for domestic or export markets, packers need to trust a coating that will perform under the most extreme conditions from the orchard to the retail store. Natural Shine coatings help maintain freshness, reduce weight loss, and prevent dehydration to extend shelf-life from the packing house to the consumer, naturally.

Dehydration and Shrinkage Control

Dehydration control is a key factor in maintaining fruit quality. Reducing stem end aging is also crucial in maximizing citrus shelf life. Natural Shine carnauba coatings have been proven more effective in controlling dehydration than other coatings.

Natural Fruit Respiration/Gas Exchange

Unlike shellac coatings which seal fruit from the environment, Natural Shine carnauba coatings allow fruit respiration to occur, avoiding anaerobic conditions which cause off flavors, fruit discoloration, pitting and other conditions that will render fruit unmarketable.

Carnauba Palm Tree – Nature’s Way

Developed from a natural, renewable source, our Natural Shine line of edible fruit coatings is designed to mimic and restore nature’s natural barrier on the surface of the fruit to protect it against pests and other environmental threats.

  • Prevents dehydration and weight loss during transit and shelf display
  • Maintains fruit firmness and pressure
  • Slows down fruit respiration, increasing shelf-life
  • Enhances fruit appearance, a fresh and radiant look

Shine That Lasts Longer

Natural Shine carnauba coatings have been shown to retain their gloss on fruit for longer periods, from packinghouses to retail stores, preserving the value of produce and maximizing returns.

Line of Natural Shine Coatings

Premium high gloss carnauba coating for citrus.

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Premium vegan carnauba citrus coating.

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Edible, high shine and durable carnauba coating for citrus fruit.

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Edible, organic coating for a naturally looking citrus fruit.

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Pace supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which were developed to achieve a better more sustainable future for all. Through innovation and advanced technologies, we offer our customers a portfolio of sustainable solutions that reduce food waste, promote water conservation, and ensure a safe work environment.

Our line of edible carnauba coatings has helped packers maintain the freshness of produce longer, reduce food waste, and extend fruit shelf life from the packinghouse to the consumer, naturally. In the past two years alone, Pace’s edible coatings have reduced losses of nearly 400,000 tons of fresh produce.

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