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Ripen at your own Pace

Take Control of Ripening

At Your Own Pace

Take control of your produce’s freshness with FreshVue™ Ethylene Control systems. Our range of systems are based on the proven 1-MCP active, providing you with unparalleled control over the ripening process. With FreshVue™, you have the freedom to choose between self-service applications on your own schedule or opt for our full-service, pre-scheduled applications via Pace’s trusted service. Plus, our 1-MCP can be delivered from either inside the room or applied from the outside, ensuring quicker applications and coverage that meets your unique needs.

Trust FreshVue™ to keep your produce at its freshest, longest.

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How Does FreshVue™ Work?

Experience the freshest fruit possible with FreshVue™ Ethylene Control systems

Our active ingredient, 1-MCP, is the key to maintaining the natural ripeness of your fruit by slowing down the ethylene-triggered ripening process. By binding to fruit ethylene receptors, 1-MCP prevents ethylene from binding to these same sites, delaying the cascade of ripening-related changes such as pulp softening, starch degradation, skin color changes, and physiological disorders. With FreshVue™, you can enjoy longer-lasting fruit that looks and tastes like it was just picked. By delaying the ethylene response and senescence process, FreshVue™ provides valuable protection that extends the freshness, appeal, and overall eating quality of your fruit. Trust Pace’s FreshVue™ to keep your fruit fresher for longer.

Crops that benefit from FreshVue™

Unlock the full potential of your crops

Our innovative solution delivers multiple ripening and ethylene control benefits to a wide range of fruits and vegetables. Trust Pace’s FreshVue™ to provide tailored application systems and expert use recommendations that meet your specific crop and operational needs. Consult with your dedicated Pace technical or sales representative today to discover how FreshVue™ can help you achieve your desired outcomes, faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Some crops have pending regulatory approval

The Key Advantages of FreshVue™

The ability to control freshness provides many benefits
Reduced skin greasiness

Improved flavor (sugar:acid ratio)

Reduced weight loss

Firmer fruit

Reduced skin disorder incidence

Less susceptible to decay

Benefits For Everyone

Experience the full range of benefits that FreshVue™ Ethylene Control has to offer for growers, packers, retailers, and consumers – and the planet too

For Growers and Packers:

  • Extend the storage window of high-quality fruit
  • Capture higher prices during periods of lower supply by providing more flexibility on the marketability window
  • Reach farther domestic or export markets with the right quality and maturity
  • Improve packing efficiencies by processing more homogeneous fruit batches
  • Lower pack-out losses due to overripe fruit or ethylene-induced disorders

With FreshVue™, growers and packers can optimize their operations and supply chain, resulting in better quality fruit, higher prices, and improved profitability.

For Retailers and Consumers:

  • FreshVue™ treated fruit maintains its fresh-picked quality longer, extending its appeal at retail display and helping minimize shrink due to overripening, weight loss, and freshness decline.
  • Fruits displayed longer at their optimum freshness and maturity stage lead to higher turnover and repeated purchases.
  • Consumers can enjoy better looking, juicier, and better-tasting fruit longer at home, improving purchase satisfaction and helping reduce fruit going overripe or decayed.

With FreshVue™, retailers can showcase high-quality produce for longer periods, which can translate into increased sales and profits. Consumers can enjoy fresher, tastier fruit at home, leading to greater satisfaction and increased loyalty. Order FreshVue™ now and experience the difference it can make in your produce section.

For the Planet:

  • The use of 1-MCP has been proven to eliminate fruit discards due to overripening or other ethylene-related disorders across the supply chain, helping reduce food waste and corresponding carbon emissions to the atmosphere.
  • It can also help reduce energy consumption during long term refrigerated storage, by lowering fruit’s respiration rate.
  • Less food waste, energy, and resources is all good news for the planet.

Join the sustainability movement with FreshVue™ and make a positive impact on the environment while ensuring the highest quality produce for your customers.

Experience the FreshVue™ Advantage

With FreshVue™ Ethylene Control, you can count with the most advanced, reliable and flexible 1-MCP application available in the market, backed by the experience and technical support of Pace International.


High Quality Products and Application Technology

Not all 1-MCP products available in the market are created the same. The ingredients in Pace’s FreshVue™ Ethylene Control meet the highest quality standards set by the United States, European Union, and other international regulatory agencies. Each batch of the 1-MCP product used in FreshVue is carefully inspected and verified for its content and purity.

Reliable Application Equipment.

With years of experience, the Pace R&D team has introduced improvements to the traditional 1-MCP delivery systems or generators, adding more reliability and flexibility.



Flexibility to match your needs

The FreshVue™ Application Systems allow you to apply 1-MCP from either inside or outside of storage rooms, providing flexibility to cold storage managers. When placed outside of the room, the unit can monitor and control the flow of 1-MCP and is designed to automatically collect a gas sample that is later analyzed to confirm the success of the application.


Full-Service Application

Schedule your hassle-free application and a professional Pace field service team will do it for you within the agreed time range.

Self-Service Application

Apply the product on your own schedule, without having to schedule the application service. This is ideal for customers looking at more cost-effective options by managing application timing and product dosing.


Simple to use

With FreshVue™, the application process becomes effortless regardless of whether it is applied from inside or outside the room. Gone are the days of manually placing numerous sachets per room or pre-filling cartridges to accommodate room capacity. Thanks to FreshVue™ Pods, you can conveniently determine the required number of Pods based on the room size and desired target dose. Simply insert them into the designated FreshVue Generator and activate it – it’s as simple as that.



Helping the environment

By employing the water-soluble FreshVue™ Pods, the sole remnants following an application are water and dissolved sugars, which can be safely discharged into drains or the ground. In contrast to alternative 1-MCP delivery systems, FreshVue eliminates the need for non-recyclable sachets, chemicals, or plastic containers that contribute to landfill waste or require specialized hazardous waste disposal methods.


Pace QVS

Ensuring what you pay for

Leveraging our wealth of experience with 1-MCP systems, FreshVue™ applications can be supported by Pace’s Quality Verification System (QVS) to guarantee the attainment of a successful 1-MCP application.

Factors such as leaky rooms, varying bin materials or room fill ratios, initial ethylene levels, or inadequate release stemming from subpar or faulty 1-MCP delivery systems can all diminish the presence of 1-MCP in the room atmosphere or hinder the fruit’s ability to absorb it, consequently compromising its long-term effectiveness.

Through Pace’s network of seasoned professionals and proprietary gas sampling technology, our QVS can ensure that each room undergoes a thorough treatment by assessing the concentration of 1-MCP in the room subsequent to the completion of the FreshVue™ application.

Typically, the results of this analysis are available on the same or next day, ensuring prompt feedback. In the unlikely event that the 1-MCP application fails to achieve the desired levels of effectiveness, Pace offers a complimentary second application1, exemplifying our commitment to customer satisfaction.

1 Restrictions apply. Please review Terms and Conditions of the FreshVue™ Service Application Agreement.

Contact your Pace representative to learn more.


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