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BioSpectra® 100SC Product Overview

A Natural Postharvest Decay Control

Natural Decay Control

BioSpectra 100SC is a novel postharvest fungicide of
natural origin with a unique mode of action against all
major cherry decays, including resistant strains to conventional fungicides, making it an ideal rotation or mixture partner.

New Mode of Action

Unlike synthetic chemical fungicides, BioSpectra 100SC has a different mode of action. It acts by binding to ergosterol in the fungal cell membrane and inhibiting membrane transport proteins, leading to cell death.

Broad Spectrum of Effectiveness

BioSpectra is effective against all major fungal postharvest diseases, including:

  • Green Mold (Penicillium digitatum)
  • Sour Rot (Geotrichum citri-aurantii)
  • Mucor Rot (Mucor piriformis)
  • Blue Mold (Penicillium italicum)
  • Gray Mold (Botrytis cinerea)
  • Alternaria Rot (Alternari alternate)
  • Rhizopus Rot (Rhizopus stolonifera)
  • Brown Rot (Monilinia fruticola)
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