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Potato Sprout Control

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Potato Sprout Control


  • Kills sprout/peeper dead in its tracks, starting at the packingline and to the customers’ table.
  • Over 90% sprout suppression can be achieved on Russet Burbank, Penta, and Norkotah potatoes, when optimum Eugenol residues are achieved.
  • The overhead brush WEIR system proved to be the most effective application method in line delivering appropriate amounts of BIOX®-15EC, to successfully suppress sprouting on potatoes.
  • Prevents re-growth of sprouts on shelves.

Principal Use

Biox®-15EC is an organic certified clove oil (Eugenol) based solution applied on the packing line and used as a sprout/peeper suppressant for the potato fresh market industry.

Crop Usage


  • Labels SPA ENG
  • Organic Certificate NA
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