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Firmer, Juicier Fruit

Proven Efficacy. Proven Results.

FYSIUM enhances the quality and storability of produce by slowing down the ripening process that naturally occurs in response to ethylene. FYSIUM is the only technology in the marketplace that generates 1-MCP onsite to match the precise requirements of rooms and fruit conditions with minimum disruption of storage operations.

The Key Advantages

Accuracy and Flexibility: Precise dose of 1-MCP delivered to match your room and fruit requirements. No more concerns with full dissolution of tablets or pouch contents that need to be retrieved the following day.

Reliability: Equipment sensors verify the correct generation of the recommended product dose in real time, without the need to rely on unmonitored batteries, air pumps or water quality required by other delivery systems.

Time-efficiency: Application and recommended dose of product is delivered in 2.5 hours or less.

Convenience: Generator is placed outside the room so there’s no need to open the room later or wait for equipment to be retrieved the next day to start your CA storage regime.

Pace Quality Verification System (PQS)

Our team of experiences and professional applicators work diligently to ensure that each FYSIUM application is tailored to our customer’s needs. A simple multi-step approach ensures that the fruit is effectively treated.

  • Each room is verified prior to each application in order to confirm proper dosage
  • Tailored dosing services are provided by our certified laboratory
  • All treatments are monitored to allow for easy verification application
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