Our Story

Founded in 1953 and headquartered in Wapato, Washington, Pace International has become the leading postharvest company serving markets around the world.  With offices and global partners in every region, we are able to support our valued customers and collaborate with educational institutions and industry leaders to bring fresh solutions to the changing world.

Innovation is what best describes the spirit of Pace International.  With a global population projected to exceed 9 billion people by 2050, Pace International continues to look for new ways to meet an increased demand for food by enhancing, protecting, and preserving the quality of fruits and vegetables to minimize produce losses.


Our Mission

At Pace International, our mission is to improve the quality and availability of fruits and vegetables through innovative solutions and services.


Research & Development

Thinking forward, delivering value.

We believe that innovation starts with our customers.  The interaction and close relationship that we have with each of our customers allows us to gain everyday insights as to what is needed by our customers.  Our dynamic and innovative R&D team and a product development division, our global group of partners and resources work hard every day to bring these new and exciting ideas to life to provide meaningful value and tangible solutions to our customers.

 Pace Wapato

Valent BioSciences Corporation

Valent BioSciences Corporation (VBC) is the worldwide leader in the research, development and commercialization of biorational products for agricultural, public health, and forestry markets.  Customers and industry peers alike, consider Valent BioSciences technology assessment, formulation expertise, development experience, product quality, and market positioning for biorationals as “best-in-class.”

Biorationals are a broad range of substances typically derived from natural or biological origins.  Biorationals include biological pesticides, as well as products used for crop stress management, enhanced plant physiology benefits, and root growth.

Sumitomo Chemical America

Sumitomo Chemical Company, Inc. (SCC) heads a group of more than 160 companies operating worldwide in such diverse business categories as Basic Chemicals, Petrochemicals & Plastics, IT-related Chemicals, Health & Crop Sciences, and Pharmaceuticals.  SCC offers a wide range of innovative products and technologies that strive to address global needs and challenges.

In 2015, Sumitomo Chemical celebrated its 100th anniversary.  The company has reaffirmed the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in its business operations and has made a commitment, as part of its corporate vision, to help solve global challenges through the power of Creative Hybrid Chemistry.


Compliance is one of the core management principles of our group. We believe strongly that integrity is central part of any successful business.  As a result, our customers, partners and our suppliers trust that Pace International can be counted on to do business the right way.


We are committed to the highest standards of safety to protect ourselves, our colleagues and our customers.  Our employees are instructed in safety procedures from the very first day and training and processes are refreshed on a periodical basis to make sure our team operates under all applicable safety rules.  Nothing justifies working around or ignoring a safety rule, whether it is a company rule, regulation or law.