Fruit and vegetables around the world are being treated with the latest in innovative agricultural technology to clean, buff, coat and control decay. Pace’s line of products offers the best solutions to manage your business from field to bin with organic, conventional and kosher branded products.







Sweet cherries are kept firm and stems green with postharvest solutions such as SemperFresh™. Decay is controlled by using Shield-Brite FDL 230SC.






Oranges, lemons and limes shine brighter with Natural Shine, premium carnauba coatings for high gloss and better fruit respiration. Control decay with Pac-Rite® Penbotec™ and Fungaflor fungicides.






Clean, sanitize and maintain healthy shine with Natural Shine coatings for mango varieties.










For the postharvest processing of apples and pears - you will Outshine the Rest with PrimaFresh® premium carnauba coatings for high shine and better fruit respiration. Decay is effectively controlled with Shield-Brite® Penbotec™, FDL 230SC and TBZ 500D.



Peaches, nectarines, plums and apricots receive a natural shine with PrimaFresh® coatings. Kosher and organic lines of post harvest products are now available to help clean, sanitize and coat stone fruit for a natural appearance.



Prevent potatoes from sprouting in storage with Biox™ a greener line of products using lower levels of CIPC.





Pace is proud to be on the Board of the Produce for Better Health Foundation.

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